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Bluewhale Analytics Platform

For Bluwhale, we helped train and hire their Data Science team while also building prototype dashboards reporting on a variety of proprietary game properties metrics related to retention, acquisition, and behavioral outcomes.


We created a proprietary recommendation algorithm prototype and managed a handful of analytics projects related to user engagement to validate the success of ML-based approaches vs their SQL based solution increasing engagement by %30 in some markets.

Career and College 360

The CC360 platform was designed to guide users through directed research of career paths based on user preferences.  We helped with data acquisition, and ETL of government sources in addition to designing the toolsets for managing and maintaining the in/outflow of user recommendations within their platform.


One of Shutterstock's largest backend systems housed a warehouse of localized blog content that needed to be audited for compliance and transformed for a new systems migration.  We built several machine learning models that helped identify errors in unstructured text-based data using traditional NLP approaches.  The project deliverables were an automated toolset that helped leverage the predictive models and automated cleansing of the unstructured data.

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