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Data Science / ML Study Coaching

Custom learning blueprints tailored for your unique background.

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Service Description

I'm offering a very limited run of data science and ML coaching for students with any background who want to self study, need advice on which bootcamps to take, or which classes in school align with their long term goals. I am an experienced data science bootcamp instructor that has taught 20+ cohorts and written curriculum for a handful of schools. To see if this is right for you, book me for a 30-minute conversation at no cost and from there we can figure out the best course of action for you to take given your long or short-term goals. Who is this for: - New students - Experienced or those new to programming, statistics, or math - People who want to self study but don't know where to start - Bootcamp or collegiate graduates looking to master the job market and interviewing To become a data scientist or to work in any role within data science takes focus and a great deal of effort. It's even harder if you try to be a master at every topic. If your goal is either to effectively interview or go further in a topic such as deep learning, I can help you plan for your future and build a custom learning-plan that involves self-study or hands-on work with a small group lead by me, David Yerrington. Some example topics: - Python fundamentals for data science - Statistics and linear algebra basics - Object oriented programming - scikit-learn - Supervised and unsupervised learning - Natural language processing with unstructured text - Recommendation systems - Neural networks and deep learning - Time series analysis - Job interviewing / resume review - Project review **** Update **** Currently there is a waiting list for small group study, however if you send me a note or book through my portal here, I have some slots available for 1:1 time.

Contact Details

403 Liquid Sugar Dr, Emeryville, CA, USA

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