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Our core team's background is rooted in solving data problems end-to-end be it machine learning, service design, ETL/pipeline management, predictive modeling, deep learning, natural language processing, or deploying solutions hosted in AWS or Google Cloud.  We've worked in education, developing technical curriculum related to statistics, machine learning, engineering, and delivering lectures to students with diverse backgrounds from around the world.

David Yerrington
Data Scientist / Founder

As the former founding instructor for a global data science education problem, David is a well-rounded member of the team.  His expertise can always be counted from data to engineering.

Mario Carillo
Data Scientist / Advisor

Mario's experience includes research and survey design, causal analysis (econometrics), prediction (machine learning), production of manuscripts, project management, teaching, and business acumen.

James Johnson
Project Manager

James has a background in managing engineering and data-centric projects, holding previous roles in larger Bay Area-based companies such as Twitter, HP, and Facebook.

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